e enjte, 12 korrik 2007

An advertisement for ted

I put this piece together for class and liked it. I designed and wrote the TED part, but the explanation of my capabilities came from the director of our film, Darkness Aftermath.

e martë, 10 korrik 2007

Darkness Aftermath Webpage

I know that it has been awhile since I have posted, sorry, but been real busy. Anyway I have posted the official Darkness Aftermath web page. Check it out for previews, weekly vids, and downloads.

Click Here

e shtunë, 16 qershor 2007

Business of her own

My wife has decided that she is going to go into business for herself making a certain style of baby sling. She has had several women ask her if she makes them, and already has some orders for when she has them done. Anyway, I am posting the logo I designed for her in Illustrator just to get an idea of what you all think. Thanks!

e shtunë, 9 qershor 2007

Cookies and Milk

Just sitting here doing some more editing while eating some of my wife's delicious cookies and drinking some milk. Well, I need to eat something to keep my strength up. We had a great day at the shoot, our hero got wounded and we got lots of great shots leading up to and after the wound scenes. I have posted the fourth day compilation I edited up on You Tube, check it out.

Click Here

e martë, 5 qershor 2007

Before and after

Got a suggestion on how to improve this piece, what about now?



e diel, 3 qershor 2007

Darkness Aftermath Channel

I just setup the Darkness Aftermath channel on Youtube, now if you can find all of the posted videos in one place, and not be distracted by other videos.

Click here

Wet and tired

Well I figured out how to create the effect for the short film I want to shoot, plus I was up till 5 am this morning doing DVD work for Darkness Aftermath and planning my own shoot. Today the rain was nuts, but that didn't stop us from shooting more footage for Darkness Aftermath. Once the day was over we all were covered in mud and soaked to the bone, all in all a great day!
Plus I have completed a new Photoshop piece, let me know what you think. More updates coming on my short film, and storyboards as well to give you all a better idea of what the scope of the film is.

e shtunë, 2 qershor 2007

Ahhh the wonder that is inspiration

I was just hit this evening with an idea for my own short film. It will be called, "Color on His Shoulder". The idea so far is about a man who wakes up to find that his world has been turned black and white, people and all other things. The only things that seems to be correct about his world is himself, he is the only one who has color. I know this effect is ambitious, but if you know me, you know that I love a challenge. So far I have one page of the script done, and if you check in at the blog once in awhile you will be able to journey through my process from the beginning.

Trailer for Darkness Aftermath

Here is the link for the movie trailer that Allen Etter shot, and I edited, keep in mind that on youtube all video tends to be low resolution. Anyway here is the link:

Also I am placing the link for the rough cut of a fight scene that occurs in the movie. Keep in mind that this is rough, and also that the music will not be used in the movie. I put music in there to keep the silence from drawing on and on.


Leave comments as to what you think, once Allen picks these over I will be posting edited versions!

e premte, 1 qershor 2007

Now I know people are watching me....

Shanie, my career services rep. has just told me that she has given out the address for my blog, so I guess I better post some more things. I promise to have more videos soon, but right now just enjoy the 2D art. Once again it seems, this blog likes to bleach colors a bit.

e mërkurë, 30 maj 2007

What do you think?

The colors look like they may have been bleached out a bit, but you get the scope of the piece. I am just trying some new things and wanted opinions.

New 3D models

Here is Melvin, I am in the midst of animating this character, once that is done, I will have it online for all to enjoy.This is Marvin, I don't know why I modeled him, but he needs skin coloring, but enjoy.

Newest Project

My latest project is an independent film called, Darkness Aftermath. This is a film thought up by the director Allen Etter. If you want to check it out then:
Click Here

I am in charge of, the making of the film, and the DVD authoring. Plus, under the direction of the great Allen Etter, I have been entrusted with the actual editing of the film, (with his help of course). We will be having the third day of shooting this Sunday. I will post some new pics, and updates about it then. In the mean time if you want here is a link to one of the movie trailers I edited together for it.

Mind you all vids are low res so that they can be shown on youtube.

Click here for trailer

Giving updates

I will however be giving updates to the independent film from the mind of Allen Etter, Darkness Aftermath. To get a preview, just click on one of the youtube vids to the right. The blog for Darkness Aftermath is: www.darknessaftermathreport.blogspot.com Look and enjoy!!

New Blog

I am forming this new blog, with no theme yet, and nothing to post yet, so stay tuned, as there are many hare brained schemes to come.